Photography and hiking are the passions I'll share from my world which is intensely visual, filled with nuances of color, tone and luminance. Sounds I can tune out, but even when I close my eyes, I see things. Walking, driving, resting, I'm always looking at the light, wondering which lens to use.
"Would this be better at sunset or sunrise?" Or would the flat light of noon be best? I live in a color space of my own, but I prefer black and white. Cunningham, Adams, two Westons, and Walker Evans to name a few.
Visually rich means pleasant to look at, kind on the nerves. Visually rich also means lots of images. It may also mean long download times if you are on a slow connection. This space is for my photographs, some stand alone, some are surrounded by words.
The Fine Art pages represent a gallery experience on the web. The San Francisco Peninsula Visual Hiking Guide is an incomplete guide to the places I go to get sore feet and feed my soul. It keeps expanding as my experience on the Peninsula widens.

Above is the opening page I wrote in 1999 when I first began this site. At the time I was teaching at Community Colleges and hiking in my spare time. Weekends I'd hike the San Francisco Peninsula parks and in the summer I'd hike in the High Sierras. I needed a showcase for my photos and a place to show what I knew about web site design.

Now 15 years has past. I've been very sick and almost totally out of commission. Fifteen years is one sixth of someone's life if they live to age 90 and a lot can happen in that time. During that period a revolution happened in photography.
My iPhone 6s replaces my oversized camera bag and darkroom, my DayPlanner, astronomy ephemera books, newspaper, reading books, photo boxes and if I want, my TV and a movie theater. Sorry no popcorn and candy.
I am happy with the quality of the snaps I take with this phone, a little editing and some I am quite proud of.
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